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A gift for US!!

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A gift from one of Neurocircuit’s youngest patients. This little girl was honest about her symptoms, rested when she had to, followed all the rules and did her exercises. She is now back at school and as happy as can be!‪#‎neurocircuit‬ ‪#‎concussioncare‬

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Vizual Edge

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Sports Vision Training is gaining traction with professional athletes. They are several Major League Baseball players who credit Vizual Edge for helping them see the ball better. The results: a higher batting average, more walks and fewer strikeout. Contact Neurocircuit to see how you can start using the same tools and techniques as the pros. […]

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Continuing to play with a concussion may delay athletes from eventually returning to their sport by doing further damage to the brain and lengthening recovery time. Remember, WHEN IN DOUBT, SIT IT OUT.‪#‎neurocircuit‬ ‪#‎concussioncare‬ ‪#‎trainsmart‬ ‪#‎playsmart‬.  

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Value of sports vision training

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Major League Baseball teams and players have seen the value of sports vision training. The Washington Nationals are one of the many teams using the Vizual Edge performance trainer. Contact us to see how you and your athletes can start incorporating this technology into your workouts.‪#‎neurocircuit‬ ‪#‎trainsmart‬ ‪#‎playsmart‬  

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