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What is a baseline concussion test?

Baseline tests are typically taken prior to the start of the season, ideally before the first practice. In the event of a suspected concussion, the same test (a “post-injury”) will be administered and scores will be compared. Being able to compare an individual’s post injury score to their baseline will help determine if a concussion has occurred, guide treatment and facilitate return to play decisions.

Why baseline testing?

In the absence of a baseline test , the post-injury results will be compared to normative data.  Research has shown, however, that the “average performance” scores represented in the normative data can vary significantly thereby reducing the accuracy of the result of a post concussion evaluation. Not only was the sensitivity of the baseline method greater than that of the normative method, but most importantly, 27.6% of the concussed athletes who had been classified as impaired using the baseline method were classified as unimpaired using the normative.” (Louey et al. / Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology method)

Our Baseline testing components:

Neurocognitive: Test willmeasure working memory, attention span, processing ability, executive function and response to both stimulus and instruction. Computerized neurocognitive tests are easily administered and scores can be calculated quickly. In the event of a suspected concussion the athlete will retake the tests and the results will be compared.

Balance and Postural Stability: Balance deficits can be indicators of a concussion. Issues may be the result of visual or vestibular dysfunctions.

Visual Coordination Screening: The visual system is often significantly impacted during a concussion. Visual acuity, clarity and coordination can be affected.

Baseline testing options:

The imPACT test  (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) is the most-widely used and most scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.  ImPACT provides trained clinicians with neurocognitive assessment tools and services that have been medically accepted as state-of-the-art best practices — as part of determining safe return to play decisions.

C3 Logix is a comprehensive baseline test and post injury assessment tool.  The test will measure and record the student’s symptom score, balance, simple reaction time, choice reaction time, processing speed and visual acuity. The baseline test will take 18-20 minutes to complete and must be administered by a trained professional.

The NEUROCIRCUIT visual, vestibular and cognitive screen. Clinician will also establish a baseline on both the Neurotracker and Dynavision D2; both softwares have been validated and recognized as baseline tools. Dynavision D2 will assess visual-gross motor coordination, reaction time and cognitive processing skills. Neurotracker will measure an athlete’s executive function, attention and short term memory.

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