Schedule: Monday - Friday - 9:00AM - 6:00PM

Any individual suspected of having a concussion should first visit a physician for a medical evaluation.   Once diagnosed, the next step is to contact the NEUROCIRCUIT concussion clinic to schedule an appointment. The NC team will assess the injury and provide a management strategy for recovery. Proper management strategies can be used to limit the amount of impairment and facilitate the recovery.

In the days immediately following the incident, physical and cognitive (mental) rest are recommended. Other recommendations include: limiting screen time, avoiding crowded and noisy environments and refraining from physical activity. Most importantly, the individual should not be placed in a situation that could potentially put them at risk for a second impact.

What to expect the first visit:

The first visit will consist of an interview led by a health care professional.  This initial meeting will enable the clinician to gather medical history and to gain a thorough understanding of the mechanism of the injury and the severity of the symptoms. This will be followed by a series of assessments which could include computerized neurocognitive  testing, balance testing, strength and coordination, vision screen, vestibular testing and a gait assessment.

What will treatment consist of?

Based on the information gathered from the assessment, an individualized treatment and training plan will be developed. Sessions may include a combination of visual, vestibular and / or manual therapies as well as aerobic activity and cognitive exercises. Therapy will be individualized and progressive. Once the individual is able to complete the prescribed treatment plan they will begin their stepwise return to play.