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For BASEBALL/SOFTBALL,  our sports Vision Training in Montreal will help you:

JUDGE the ball:  Whether judging a fly ball or anticipating a pitch, baseball players must train their depth perception for optimum success.

REACT quickly:  Line drives or ground balls can come off the bat very quickly.  In order to be able to make the play, infielders must react quickly and accurately.  Training an athlete’s eye-hand coordination will translate to success in the game.

BE AWARE of your surroundings:  The pitcher must be peripherally aware of the base runners while reading the sign from the catcher and delivering the pitch.  The same can be said for fielders who need to know where the runners are at all times.

REMAIN FOCUSED throughout the game:  Fielders can go extended periods of time without being involved in the play.  It is important that they remain focused during this time and that they are ready when the ball comes their way.