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In Soccer, our sport vision training in Montreal will help you:

SCAN the field more effectively:  Players must be able to mark their man while keeping sight of their teammates, their opponents and the ball.   Training their peripheral awareness will lead to greater results on the field.

FOCUS longer:  A player’s ability to maintain mental focus at an elevated heart rate for an extended period of time will set him/her apart.  This can be achieved by combining aerobic training with sports vision and neurocognitive training.

CREATE the play:  Soccer players are constantly in motion.  Being able to predict where the player will be and to hit the target requires heightened depth perception.

OUTLAST your opponents:  Physical fatigue negatively affects decision making, focus, peripheral awareness, and accuracy.  Combining mental and physical training using intervals will challenge both systems thereby allowing the athlete to better perform when it matters most at the end of the game and even in extra time.